Commercial and Residential Roofing ContractorOur roofing crews include local, well-trained professionals with experience in all aspects of Residential and Commercial roofing. We use the highest quality products and have the most qualified staff. The jobsite will receive a courtesy cleaning daily , with a more complete cleaning at the completion of the job. The property will be completely free of all roofing materials, and debris. All of our job pricing is based on 100% customer satisfaction. As your local roofing contractor, we are constantly striving to further educate ourselves in our profession to provide the top of the line most advanced service.

A little about the products we use:

Architectural, 30 Year Shingles:

  • These shingles are produced with the Northeast in mind. They are designed to be esthetically pleasing on typical homes in our area.
  • They come in a variety of colors that go cohesively with the Northeast region.
  • 30-year limited warranty allows you to have confidence and security in this product

Lifetime Architectural, 50 year Shingles

  • A 3 layer shingle that has been proven to supply your home or business with excellent durability
  • These shingles are thicker and provide a different dimensional look

Ice and Water Shield

Ice and Water Shield is a membrane that works primarily as a leak and ice dam barrier. It is the first component installed on your new roof system. We install this product covering at least the first 6’ of the leading edge of the roof deck. This will ensure that your new roof will withstand the New England weather

  • Lifetime limited warranty to cover any manufacturing defects