Many of our customers have replaced their roofs this year, but winter brings disastrous ice dams on your roof and inside your gutters. Just as the name suggests, an ice dam is a dam made of ice along the edge of the roof line, and as most dams do, an ice dam prevents melting snow from finding its way to the gutters and downspouts. Instead, the snow melting into water finds the dam of ice and refreezes forming even more ice. Sometimes the water backs up behind the dam and will leak into the house and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and other areas. So even with a brand new roof, and with all the protection an ice dam can cause a leak.

What to do:

  • Have the snow removed from the roof. This resolves one of the ingredients that can cause the creation of an ice dam. We at OCR provide a snow removal service for our customers, and can be an extremely cost-effective solution. We will come to your home, asses any ice dams. We then use a combination of ice melting materials, and roof rakes to destroy the dams and remove snow. As you know we are a roofing company so great care is taken not damage your roof or shingles
  • Roof de-icing cables, or heat tape can help melt a channel through the ice build-up at roof edges or wherever ice is forming. The melted channels allow¬† water that backs up behind the ice (over the warmer roof sections) to run off of the roof.¬† On Course Remodeling can easily install this option for you. This is a longer term solution to the ice dam issue. This option will be installed during the spring, or summer months as the roof must be cleared of snow and ice completely.

If you think you are having an issue with ice dams, or have noticed icicles give us a call for a no obligation inspection.

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